How to Disable Popups & Ads While Browsing the Web

Here’s a classic ad from

For those of you who are tired of annoying pop-up windows and distracting ads like the example on this post, I have the perfect solution for you. Google Chrome has an amazing extension called AdBlock which disables all advertisements while you’re using Chrome as a web browser. It is really an amazing extension and it is completely free to download and use. AdBlock even prevents the annoying ads on Youtube so you never have to wait for an advertisement to watch a Youtube video ever again.

If you don’t have Googe Chrome, I highly recommend you try it out. It offers a very clean and simple interface and there are a wide variety of other useful extensions you can download which can customize your browsing experience. You can download Google Chrome here

Once you have Google Chrome downloaded and installed. You can find useful extensions by clicking on the wrench in the top right of the browser, then selecting “Tools”, then “Extensions”. All of the extensions have descriptions and you can see the number of users and the rating/reviews that have been provided by other Google Chrome users.

Search for “AdBlock” and you’ll find it among the results or you can search by popularity and you will find it as one of the top results. All you need to do is click “Add to Chrome” and AdBlock will be enabled. AdBlock may prevent some auto-play animation that are built into some websites but this is rare and the benefits far outweigh the cons. You can disable AdBlock any time by clicking on the wrench, then “tools”, then “extensions” and deselect the “Enable” check box.

Another useful extension that I like to use is “YouTube™ Ratings Preview 2.0”. When this extension is enabled, the like/dislike ratings for Youtube videos are displayed at the bottom of the thumbnail on Youtube’s website. This can save a considerable amount of time if you are browsing through videos since you can more easily identify and compare the relative popularity of videos without having click on the videos.

If you have any Google Chrome extensions that you find useful or if you have any questions about Google Chrome, drop me a line below.

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