Best Websites to Stream TV and Movies Online for Free

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When it comes to the best websites to stream TV shows and movies, it’s an evolving subject. Due to the legal issues surrounding this topic, the existence of sites that share content online is constantly in¬†jeopardy (RIP MegaVideo). Usually, websites that host videos are more at risk than sites that simply share a directory of links to external websites that host videos. However, link directories for TV and movies are¬†occasionally¬†targeted by legal authorities as well (i.e. NinjaVideo). Despite the ongoing legal battles, there are still...

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The Best Ways to Find and Download Free Music

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There are many opinions on the best way to find and download free music online and the websites and software that enable one to do so are constantly changing. The obvious option is to find and buy the song directly on the artist’s webpage or on iTunes, but there are many times that the specific song you are looking for isn’t available to purchase. In those cases, the following four steps are useful to find and download free music. Note: unless you’re running a Mac it’s important to have up-to-date anti virus software...

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Youtube Video Resources

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If you’ve ever uploaded a video to Youtube, you’ve likely had several questions about the best way to do so. I’ve compiled several links below that can answer the most common questions: What video format to use? Here’s Youtube’s official recommendations: What video formats are supported by Youtube?...

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How to Disable Popups & Ads While Browsing the Web

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For those of you who are tired of annoying pop-up windows and distracting ads like the example on this post, I have the perfect solution for you. Google Chrome has an amazing extension called AdBlock which disables all advertisements while you’re using Chrome as a web browser. It is really an amazing extension and it is completely free to download and use. AdBlock even prevents the annoying ads on Youtube so you never have to wait for an advertisement to watch a Youtube video ever again. If you don’t have Googe Chrome, I highly...

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The Dragon Fly Effect Review

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I just finished reading The Dragonfly Effect and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in harnessing the power of social media to make a change in the world. The book is a great introduction to the power and influence of social media and it discusses several real world examples of the impact of the effective use of social media. I really enjoyed the abundant use of relevant examples that were used to illustrate points throughout the book. For example, the book talks about the story of Sameer Bhatia and Vinay Chakravarthy who used social...

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The Inconvenient Truth About Kony 2012

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Recently, a friend of mine commented on a video I reposted about a campaign to remove Joseph Kony from power. This sparked a debate that brought up several issues. An analogy between Kony 2012 and An Inconvenient Truth was made and before long the issue of climate change was added to the debate. Due to size and format limitations of Facebook comments, I figured it would be better to address my friend’s comment in a blog post. (From my friend): “Let me break down my issue with An Inconvenient Truth.: In the movie Al Gore presents a...

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Cute FTP Mac Book Pro Track Pad Issue Solution

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Recently I began having serious issues with the track pad on my Mac Book Pro. For the first couple minutes after my laptop started, I would have no issues but shortly after my track pad would become virtually unresponsive and my cursor would jump around my screen. When this occurred I’d be unable to perform any commands with the mouse because the cursor would be rapidly left and right clicking. It was a very frustrating experience and the only thing I could do every time this happened was restart my computer. When I went to the Apple...

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Download my Canon in D Mix .mp3 for Free

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To get the free mp3 right clicking on the following link and choose “Save Link As”

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The Deal Pages iPad 2 or $500 Holiday Giveaway

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Would you like to win a free iPad 2 or $500 this holiday season? Well The Deal Pages has launched it’s first Holiday Giveaway and you just might be the lucky individual to walk away with your choice of an iPad 2 or $500. The Deal Pages had a soft launch in mid July and is now officially launching it’s first promotional campaign with a chance to win your choice of an iPad 2 or $500 cash. The raffle runs until 12 am EST Dec 26, 2011 so act quickly. You can get up to five entries in the raffle by participating in the campaign in the...

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Micro PC Help Scam and Microsoft Windows Support Scam

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A couple days ago, I received a phone call from an individual from Micro PC Help ( which no longer exists as a website) who claimed that they had received a Microsoft Windows error log from my computer stating that I had an imminent virus threat. They claimed that they were a third-party vendor that works with Microsoft and instructed me to view their website at to validate that they were a legitimate company. They instructed me to enter a specific web url address so that they could be granted access to...

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