Living Social and their Independent Growth Strategy

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As a co-founder of The Deal Pages I have been following the daily deal space closely for over a year. One of the largest and most successful Daily Deal websites is Living Social. In January, Living Social changed its growth strategy and decided to stop paying commissions to daily-deal aggregators. This was a sudden change especially considering that it was one of the highest daily deal aggregating partners. Was this the right move for LivingSocial? For smaller group-buying sites, aggregators are one of the best sources for new customers and...

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Maintaining and Replacing your Laptop Battery

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Have you ever had your laptop battery expire before your battery? I know I have and it is a very frustrating experience. My laptop battery started failing completely and was unable to hold a charge longer than a couple seconds. I replaced it recently and was looking for ways to extend the life of my new battery. I came across this article about the Top 15 ways to extend your laptop’s battery life which I found interesting and plan to practice. This resource is mainly focused on extending the life of a single charge while using your...

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Got the Number 1 Spot on Google Search Results Page

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I am pleased to report that in less than a week, I have taken over the Number 1 and number 2 spots on the Google search results page for “Dave Kaiser”. I employed a variety of search engine optimizing techniques but was not expecting such a drastic jump to occur in such a short period of time. Next I will aim to improve my visibility across a broad range of relevant Google searches so that my page will appear on the first page of Google search results more often. I will use a variety of relevant key words, refined meta tags, and a...

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Interesting Article on “50 Life Secrets and Tips”

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So I came across this interesting blog article called “50 Life Secrets and Tips” by Jordan Lejuwaan. You can find the article here which I initially found on a friend’s blog. Several of the tips I already try to incorporate into my life such as: #2. Constantly try to reduce your attachment to possessions, #3. Develop an endless curiosity about the world and #5. Get fit! I found many tips interesting and would like to start practicing them such as: #8. Smile more often, #13. Get in the sun (although it’s hard to do...

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Search Engine Optimization

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My webpage ( is currently coming up as the sixth result in Google when you search “Dave Kaiser”. I will be implementing several Search Engine Optimizing techniques over the next couple weeks to take over the number one spot. If you have any suggestions or tips that you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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Today I completed my initial work on my website This webpage showcases my portfolio and provides potential clients with relevant information about my strengths and abilities. I will be updating it with my latest work regularly. As well, I will be blogging about a variety of information relevant to building and growing successful websites. Topics will include Search Engine Optimization and other methods to increase web traffic to your website.

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