Cute FTP Mac Book Pro Track Pad Issue Solution

Recently I began having serious issues with the track pad on my Mac Book Pro. For the first couple minutes after my laptop started, I would have no issues but shortly after my track pad would become virtually unresponsive and my cursor would jump around my screen. When this occurred I’d be unable to perform any commands with the mouse because the cursor would be rapidly left and right clicking. It was a very frustrating experience and the only thing I could do every time this happened was restart my computer.

When I went to the Apple store, I was told that it was likely an issue with my Blue Tooth but the problem continued after my Blue Tooth was deactivated. The Apple technician told me that I would need to wipe my memory in order to determine whether it was a software issue or an issue with the hardware. Fortunately before I agreed to this, I deleted Cute FTP which I had downloaded for Mac around the time that the issue arose. To my relief the issue was resolved and I have not had any more track pad issues. If you are experiencing similar problems you should try removing any software that you installed recently and hopefully the issue will be resolved. If that doesn’t work then you should back up your files and wipe your computer restoring it to factory settings. If the problem persists then you know it’s a problem with the hardware and not any software you have installed on your computer. I know it can be very difficult to back up items when you’re having a trackpad issue. You may find that if you connect a mouse you will have less difficulty using the cursor. The best thing to do is to back up your files often so if you do run into similar problems you don’t risk losing valuable information.

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