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Music Solutions


Dave began playing violin at the age of five and had twelve years of classical training. He started with the Suzuki method and branched out to learn to play other genres of music including fiddle music, jazz, hip-hop, rock, house and dance.

In elementary school Dave began playing the alto saxophone and quickly developed a love for jazz music and improvisation. He performed in several national competitions through Lorne Park Secondary School and enjoyed adapting his jazz and improvisation skills to the violin.In the same year Dave began experimenting with a variety of DJ equipment, which enabled him to combine a wide variety of musical genres to create and produce new sounds and arrangements.

Dave’s performed at a wide variety of Electric Violin at Toronto Special Event 2013weddings and special events and has performed solo acts on the stages of The Rockpile and The Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto. In 2010 Dave began experimenting with his brother’s electric violin and started to incorporate a variety of electric guitar pedals to create new sounds and a unique style of performance. He particularly enjoys using loop pedals to create music by layering harmonies and melodies during live performances.

Dave is very experienced with live music performances, music recording, music transcription and arranging. If you’re interested in learning more about Dave’s musical talents, visit Dave’s Music Website or contact Dave if you have any inquiries about his music services.

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