Hello and welcome to my website. I began playing violin at the age of five and had over ten years of classical training. I started with the Suzuki method and branched out to learn to play other genres of music including fiddle music, jazz, hip-hop, rock and electro/dance.

In elementary school I began playing the alto saxophone and quickly developed a love for

jazz music and improvisation. I performed in several national competitions through Lorne Park Secondary School and enjoyed adapting my jazz and improvisation skills to the violin.

I’ve performed at a wide variety of weddings and special events. In December of 2011, I began recording some of the songs I enjoyed playing and started two Youtube channels which have achieved over 27 000 views on the eight videos I uploaded within ten months. View Dave’s main Youtube channel and Dave’s secondary Youtube channel

In 2010 I started playing around with my brother’s electric violin and I enjoy using a variety of electric guitar pedals to create new sounds and a unique style of performance. I particularly enjoy using loop pedals to create music by layering harmonies and melodies on the spot.

Electric Violin at Toronto Special Event 2013

In the same year I began experimenting with a variety of DJ equipment which allowed me to blend together contrasting genres of music to create unique combinations of sounds. I enjoy experimenting with songs and using my electric violin and saxophone to add another layer to the songs and I’ve performed live shows

at The Rockpile and The Hardrock Cafe in Toronto. I enjoy arranging and composing music in my spare time and have several arrangements which you can view from the videos on this site and from my Youtube channel.

I’ve played at numerous weddings and special events and I enjoy creating a unique and memorable shows that move people. If you are interested in contacting me for a booking, email me at DKaiser35@gmail.com or fill out the form on my contact page.