Video Solutions

Video Solutions

Dave Kaiser is experienced with both animated and live video production. He animated The Deal Pages’ Intro video with Adobe Flash and can bring virtually any idea to life through digital animation. Depending on the scope of your project, animated videos and live videos can differ significantly in production costs, so if it is practical, it is important to consider both options. View one of Dave’s animated instructional video for below:



Dave is experienced producing cost-efficient music videos in his spare time. In December, 2011, Dave recorded and produced eight music videos over the course of a year which received over 27 000 views in just 16 months. These eight videos are published across two of his Youtube channels: Dave Kaiser and DKaiser35. Click the video below to see one example of Dave’s music videos.



If you’re interested in creating a live or animated video, contact Dave and provide the details of your project for a quote.

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